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YS and YDP



We have two afterschool programs that runs from school dismissal until 6:00 pm daily when school is in session. The admission to the program is first come first served.  Parents must sign an agreement prior to their child being eligible to participate. This is not a child-care program. It is a “permissive” recreation program. Participation is a privilege. Students must conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with the rules and regulations of the school and playground.  This means that our rules for the regular school day also applies to after school while on campus.  Students who have difficulty adhering to the rules will be removed after the 3rd notice/conference. 


For both programs, hot supper will be provided with time to eat 20 minutes after school dismissal. 


The programs run in rooms 24, 25, 26, 27.  Coach Evelyn Tineo is your contact person for afterschool.  She usually arrives on campus by 2:00 pm. 




  • Enrollment is for grades 2-5
  • Students will sign in with their YS Coach
  • Students can leave on their own at least half an hour before sundown
  • Components include: 
    • Homework Assistance
    • Recreational Sports
    • Hours of operation: School dismissal until 6:00 pm




  • Enrollment is for grades TK-5
  • TK students must be 5 years old
  • Four structure rotation:
    • Homework Assistance
    • Arts and Craft
    • Academic Enrichment
    • Recreation
  • Only students with parallel programs like sports, music, and art may be excused before 5:45 pm. Please make sure YDP is aware of concurrent obligations
  • Students must be signed out by a person 18 years or older
  • 2nd grade and up may participate in YS tournaments (flag football, soccer, softball, etc.)
  • Students must be picked up by 5:45 pm.