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Visitors Policy



Per our district bulletin, Multnomah Street Elementary is committed to providing a safe and secure learning environment for students and staff. School site administrators are to ensure that all exterior gates and doors are locked at the beginning of classes and remain locked until the end of the school day. Only the main entrance to the school shall remain open during the school day and this entrance shall be monitored at all times. Multnomah is a closed-campus school.   This policy is in place to ensure that everyone who is on our campus has a reason to be on our campus. All visitors must enter through our main gate on Indiana. 




We strongly recommend that ALL students be dropped off at the front gate.  When students enter the school, we will have board games and other activities for students to engage in with supervision from our supervision aides.  If your need to come onto campus, you must have a yellow sticker. 

  • State Full Name
  • Reason of Visit
  • Wear YELLOW visitor’s sticker
  • Return sticker when exiting
  • Note that this information will be recorded on our visitor’s log. 




If you are visiting during school hours, you will be buzzed in from our main gate. Proceed directly to the main office to sign our visitor’s book. You will let us know the reason for your visit and be issued a sticker if you are going to other parts of the campus other than the office. If you are visiting the Parent Center, go directly to the Parent Center. If you are volunteering for the day, please stay at the area for which you are assigned. Classroom instructional time may not be interrupted for any reason. When leaving the school, please sign out at the main office. 




In the event of school-wide activities and/or performances, we will not be issuing yellow stickers. Let us know the reason for your visit and you will be given a pre-made sticker specifically for that event. 




Per board rule 1265 and 2002 parents must follow our code on conduct when on campus. Any parents who willfully interfere with the discipline, order, or conduct in any school classroom or activity with the intent to disrupt, obstruct, or inflict damage to property or bodily injury upon any person may be banned from our campus by the school principal.   Visitors who defy the school administrator’s authority can be reported to the appropriate police agencies and may be subject to criminal charges under California Penal Code Sections 626.6 and 626.8 or Los Angeles Municipal Code Section 63.94.