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Valet Guidelines


Dropping off and picking up your children is an elementary school routine that they will remember for many years to follow.  Please model courteous and safe behavior during AM or PM valet. 

  1. Indiana is a one way street during drop off and pick up. DO NOT MAKE ILLEGAL U-TURNS anywhere around the school.
  2. Do not double park and load and unload in the middle of the street. 
  3. Do not park during valet hours on streets where parking is prohibited. 
  4. Do not block the bus stop on Multnomah. While waiting in the valet line, please leave the bus stop space OPEN. If you all wait where the bus needs to stop, the bus patrons cannot get on or off the bus as the BUS WILL NOT STOP.  Let's be kind to our bus riding community. 
  5. Practice and obey all traffic laws.  Citations will be given when appropriate.