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Links and Resources
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All Virtual Meeting Powerpoints will be archived below. Please select according to title of meeting.
Virtual Meets


What is the Parent Portal?

The Parent Portal is a platform designed specifically for LAUSD parents to access information about every single child(ren) enrolled in LAUSD. You can access grades, state assessments, attendance, EL progress, report cards, assignments due on Schoology, to name a few. 

To sign up for the Parent Portal, please use the special parent PIN provided to you by the school. There is a separate PIN for each legal parent. Once registered, your email and password can get you into the Parent Portal as well as Schoology. 

Click on image to go directly to the Parent Portal. 


What is Blackboard Connect?

The Blackboard Connect is the platform that we use to send robo-phone calls, emails, and text messages to our families to inform them of upcoming events and/or reminders. Please make sure we have your correct phone numbers and email address. 

Blackboard Info


What are ZOOM Norms?

In order to ensure that all students have equity and access to a suitable learning environment and engage in online instruction, we ask that families discuss and follow the Zoom norms below. We understand that there are circumstances or situations which may not allow students to comfortably turn on their cameras. If this is the case for your child, we would rather that they are present; listening and watching,  regardless to whether or not the camera is on. 

Zoom Norms




1. Click on the image. (It will take you to a new screen.)

2. Select the book or video or song that you would like to watch.