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All students will have an opportunity to visit our school library and check out books if you sign and return the consent and responsibility form. Please make sure that all borrowed books are kept in good condition and returned on time. A student may not borrow a new book if he/she left the old one at home on the day of the library visit. 

You and your student are solely responsible for any book he/she checks out.  Encourage your student not to lend the book to others. If the book is damaged or lost, he/she, as the person who checked it out, is responsible for the book, not the other person. 

If your child has an overdue book, fine, lost, or damaged book the circulation system will automatically block him/her from checking out any more books until the matter is resolved. Because the LAUSD circulation system is centralized, the record of any unresolved fines, lost, or damaged books at any LAUSD school will follow your child wherever he/she goes in LAUSD. A school is authorized to suspend library privileges, withhold grades, diploma, and transcripts until the book issue is resolved (CA Ed Code 48904). Overdue books and fines from another school may be taken care of at our school library with our library aide. However, issues with other schools about returned or missing books have to be resolved at that school by the parent/guardian and the child. 

The District’s minimum charge for a lost book or damaged book is $20.00.  (CLAS Policies LAUSD)






Our carpet was old and tearing.  The bookcases had no back.  The bookshelves were mostly bare.  Some books needed to be pulled out of circulation. And we did not have ample table and chairs.  Our parents and school community rallied together and reached out to all of the wonderful people listed below who came through and made our dreams of having a newly made-over library come true.  

During the first week of June 2019, our library received brand new wood floors with support from our CPM Mr. Ruiz and Mr. Garcia, senior floor installer. We also received a donation of approximately 1000 brand new library books from the Division of Instruction with support from Dr. Frances Gipson and Board President Monica Garcia’s office.   On November 2nd, by ways of our Access Books Grant award, we got more books ($10,000 worth) plus a book drive from our partnered High School, furniture, and murals painted inside and outside of the library.  Check out the photos of the kids enjoying the new space!

Please remind our students to help preserve what will be our newly made-over and reimagined library.  No food or drinks in our library or our new books.  We will be posting pictures of our new reading sanctuary soon!


Thank you! 

  • Mr. Sammy Ruiz, Complex Project Manager
  • Mr. Mike Garcia, Senior Floor Installer
  • Dr. Frances Gipson, Chief Academic Officer
  • Ms. Alison Towery, Director, Instructional Operations
  • Ms. Monica Garcia, Board President, District 2
  • Ms. Klarissa Palacios, Director of School and Community Relations
  • Ms. Kimberly Balala, Integrated Library & Textbook Support Services Specialist
  • Ms. Lorranne Kampfner, Access Books, Program Coordinator