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Field Trip



Each student’s parent/guardian MUST provide written permission for a field trip, authorization of medical care, and a personal health history for those students with health issues/medical conditions.   Parents are responsible to provide all necessary medications, supplies, and equipment needed for the field trip 5 days before the field trip date. 

  1. The field trip form MUST be filled out completely in order for your child to attend the class field trip. There are two required signatures. (see image on the left where red x’s are marked)
  2. If your child’s teacher does not have the signed field trip slip in his/her possession on the day of the trip, your child will NOT be allowed to go on the trip and will remain at school to complete his/her instructional day in another classroom.
  3. Students will not be allowed to call home for oral permission as the signed trip slip is a required legal document of consent due to emergency care authorization.  No exceptions will be made. 



If you would like to be a chaperone for a class field trip, please inform your child’s teacher as soon as you receive the trip slip. Know that due to rules (adult to student ratios) of each trip site, the number of allowed chaperones may be limited.  Teachers will inform you prior to the trip if you have been selected as a chaperone.  In order for there to be equity, the same parents might not be selected for multiple trips unless there are limited parents available to attend. 


The role of a chaperone is to support the teacher and support all the students or the students assigned to your group and not just your own child. Chaperones will ride the school bus with the class. Chaperones may not bring other children not enrolled in the class.  


All chaperones will be screened on the Megan’s Law database and must be cleared before attending trip.




In addition to the above, overnight chaperones must also be cleared via LiveScan by submitting fingerprints for background check. The clearance (once completed at the district) is valid for 5 years.  This process may take 4-6 weeks. Please plan accordingly to allow for adequate processing time. 


Need a copy of the file trip slip? Download the PDF, print it, and return it to the teacher asap so your child does not miss out.  Click on file/link below.