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Dress Code


Our scholars should dress for success! Our school dress code is put into place to encourage better behavior and most importantly to prevent distracting or unsafe attire, such as gang attire. The school uniform colors are navy blue polo shirts, and khaki pants, skorts, or shorts. 

  • Shoes and clothes should be suitable for participating in all school activities including physical education
  • Open-toe shoes, tennis shoes with wheels (Heelys), jellies or sandals are unsafe and not allowed
  • Do not wear jewelry to school as it tends to get broken or lost.  




Please CLEARLY LABEL the tags of any outerwear with your child’s name. Students often forget and leave their clothing behind on the yard, in the classrooms, or at the afterschool program.  This will help with identification and return of apparel.  Please check the lost and found when an item has been misplaced. 




  • Every Monday is school spirit day! Wear your favorite Multnomah shirt/sweater/jacket.
  • Every Friday is college spirit day! Encourage your child to wear apparel of his/her favorite college!