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What NOT to Bring to School


Please remind your child that the following listed are not allowed on campus as they are distractors to learning.  The school provides sufficient items for children to play with for both indoor and outdoor recesses.  Theft or loss of such items will not be investigated by school personnel.  Neither the school nor the district will be held liable for any damage or loss incurred.  Please note that these items are also not allowed on campus during the after-school program as well. 


  • Valuable items such as electronic games, computers, tablets, and Tamagotchis
  • Balls (We have balls students can use while on campus.)
  • Toys (i.e., marbles, Tazos, Pogs, hot wheels, dolls, etc.)
  • Skateboards, scooters, heelys (shoes with wheels)
  • Trading cards (i.e., Pokémon, Magic, World of Craft, Duel Masters, Cardfight, etc.)
  • Chewing gum is never allowed
  • Candy (May be allowed on specific occasions, i.e. Halloween and Valentine’s.)




The Board of Education has adopted a very strict policy regarding students possessing dangerous weapons such as guns, knives, explosive devices, etc. The policy states that “any student found with a dangerous weapon in his/her possession either on or off campus shall be recommended to the Los Angeles Board of Education for immediate expulsion from school.” This policy applies to students of any age or grade level bringing any weapon to school.  All types of guns (stun guns, air guns and replica guns) are included in this policy.  Please discuss this policy with your child on a regular basis.




Airing on the side of caution, please do not allow students to wear any clothing or bring any objects (school supply included) that might depict anything obscene or inappropriate.  




Last year we had a lot of money that was brought to school that was lost or “mishandled.” If for whatever reason you are sending your child to school with money, please make sure they are keeping it in a safe place, giving it to whomever they need to give it to, and are NOT passing it along to a friend.