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School attendance is the law per California Education Code 48200.  Los Angeles Municipal Code 45.04 expects students to be at school, on campus learning, unless it is for one of the listed 5 valid reasons listed below.


In order to support student achievement, LAUSD set an attendance goal for all students to maintain a Proficient/Advance attendance rate of 96% or higher throughout the school year. Use this table to track your attendance progress to meet our goal of 96% or better!


It is important that your child is present at school every day and on time.  Here are some suggestions to establish positive attendance habits: 

  • Create morning and evening routines
  • Schedule all appointments for your child during non-school hours
  • Post school calendar and schedules in a visible place
  • Plan family vacations on non-school days
  • Help your child develop a positive attitude towards school
  • Communicate with your child’s teacher on a regular basis




Students are considered tardy if they arrive after 8:10 a.m. 8:11 is considered tardy.                                              More than three tardies may result in a conference.                                                                                                           3 unexcused tardies is equivalent to 1 absence. 


  • 8:11-8:30 Report directly to classroom:  Teacher will mark tardy on MiSiS.
  • 8:31 and after: Report to the main office. Student will be issued a blue tardy slip and office staff will notate the arrival time and reason for tardiness.  




Monthly Perfect Attendance: 0 absences and 0 tardies/early pick ups

End of Year Outstanding Attendance: 2 absences and 2 tardies/early pick ups 

End-of-year Perfect Attendance: 0 absences and 0 tardies/early pick ups


  • Annual perfect attendance students (0 absent, 0 tardy, 0 early out) will be invited to a special field trip in May or June. 
  • Students with a perfect attendance record from PreK/Kinder thru 5th grade will be presented with special recognition at their 5th grade culmination.
  • Currently students have has perfect attendance from Kindergarten until grade 12 is honored in a special recognition ceremony with LAUSD. 



Children may never go home early or leave school without being officially checked out by the office.  If your child must leave school during school hours for any reason, the parent, or person on the emergency contact, must appear in person at the school office to pick up the child. All adults MUST have a photo ID to check out a child early. Children may not be released to anyone not on the emergency contact list. Remember, leaving early also counts towards your child’s attendance as the expectation is that students remain on campus from 8:10 am - 2:29 pm on school days. (3 early outs equates to 1 absence. This does count against your child for perfect attendance purposes.)




If your child is ill:

  • Call the school the morning of the absence (323) 225-6005.
  • Let the school know if your child has a contagious disease, such as pink eye, lice, chicken pox or measles.
  • Children are susceptible to colds and childhood disease, and for this reason parents are asked to cooperate in safeguarding other children from infections by keeping their own child at home if he or she has a cold, sore throat, cough, headache, nausea (vomiting), fever, etc.
  • Send a note when your child returns. Include your child’s name, date and reasons for his/her absence and your signature.  We have included some easy to fill out forms for you to submit on your return.  See image below.


Any absence that exceeds three days must be excused with a doctor’s note.

These are the only legal reasons for excused absence:

  1.  Illness
  2. Medical or Dental appointment (bring a note from the doctor)
  3. Death of an immediate relative
  4. Quarantine of the home – must be verified
  5. Immunization exclusion up to 5 days


These forms below are included in your orange folders and available in the main office and classrooms for you to clear your absences immediately. Please do not let your absences become truancy. 



Any absences NOT CLEARED in MiSiS within 10 days becomes a TRUANCY on your child’s record.         (C.C.R. Title 5, Section 306 and E.C. 48260)