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Making an Appointment



If you would like to meet with your child’s teacher in regards to any concerns or to check on his/her academic progress, please make an appointment 24 hours prior to ensure that the teacher is available to accommodate your request. Please do not stop teachers en-route to class or on their way to meetings as we want to ensure that you are provided with adequate time and space to have a conversation.   


If you have a concern or question about something happening in the classroom,

please speak to your child and his/her teacher first.




Ms. Melgar has an open-door policy and tries to be available whenever parents drop by. However, the main responsibility of supervising instruction tends to be adversely effected when the Principal is not able to make her daily visits to the classroom as district policy requires.  If you need to meet with the Principal for any reason, please do not hesitate to contact the Main Office to schedule an appointment face-to-face or by conference call at 323-225-6005. 




Mr. Romo is only here on Fridays.  While his primary responsibility is to support with Special Education, he will also be supporting Ms. Melgar as the secondary administrator.  You may make an appointment to see Mr. Romo by leaving a message or calling the main office. 




Ms. Ayala is on campus 5 days a week, 7 hours a day. If you need to speak to Ms. Ayala about our magnet programs, please stop by the main office to make an appointment. 




Ms. Merchant is supporting our students during the day by providing push-in intervention. She is also conducting monthly teacher professional development and parent workshops to enhance and model instruction that is aligned to state standards. If you need to see Ms. Merchant about intervention or SSPT, please make an appointment in the main office. 




We encourage parents to visit their child’s classroom. Parents are allowed to visit classroom for 20 minutes unless special arrangements have been made by the principal.  Please make an appointment and sign in at the front office. Visitor’s pass must be worn at all times.   You may not speak to your child or other children during your visit. The purpose is for observations only. 


If you would like to visit and observe your child’s class for longer than 20 minutes, an appointment (time and date) must be pre-arranged a minimum of one day before with the teacher and principal.